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The Piper Behind The Peach

My precious mama would always jokingly say, I was born in the back room of our family radio station WKLF. I’m sure this expression came from if given the choice of where I wanted to be, the radio station was always my first choice. It was always a place of wonder and enjoyment to me. Anything and everything I could learn, help with or work on, was a daily desire.

After college, WKLF was not only a career – it was my passion. It rose to be the premier station of Central Alabama. WKLF was the communities top source for music, information. community happenings and the unrivaled advertisement venue for our communities businesses. Attending country music award shows, fan fares, meet and greets and other radio related events were always awe-inspiring. Then to hear of propitious accolades about our station always affirmed the hard work and long hours.

As with everything else in life, God had his own plan for me. Two beautiful children became the focus in my life, so less and less time was afforded towards the station. With the declining health of other family members associated with the station and my time now being limited, the arduous decision was made to sell the station. It felt as if I had signed my dream over to someone else to culminate.

The next twenty years have consisted of me raising my family, furthering my education and working in the Special Needs Educator field. There was always the love of the radio world tugging at my heartstrings. The dream that I knew had to come to fruition. Through months of research, planning, and the help and dedication of my family I am proud to reveal Piper Peach Radio.

Our dream is for Piper Peach Radio to serve our community in every way possible. If that need be weather, community happenings, news, business advertisement and of course the best music around, Piper Peach Radio has you covered. Check out our site for daily and monthly special airings and activities. There is always something exacting happening at Piper Peach Radio.

Piper Dennis Little

Aaron Little was born in Chilton County and remains an avid supporter for the growth and development of the community.  With a lifetime career in sales, his passion has always been promotions and marketing. He envisions how Piper Peach Radio can reach out and inform the radio audience of the business, career, development, housing, and recreational opportunities of Chilton County. There is tremendous opportunity for growth for Chilton County, and Aaron wants the world to know about it!

Meet Blair O’Neal Little.  She is the Music Director of Piper Peach Radio.  In her mid-teens, she is a great student and an outstanding softball player with great skills on the mound!  But she has a softer side, a love for animals and has aspirations for becoming a veterinarian. She has never met an animal that she didn’t want to love! Her desire to bring love and hope to the animals of Chilton County tells you a lot about her loving heart and desire to help the community and the pet population.  A truly kind heart for a better tomorrow.

Baiden Dennis Little is Vice-President of Piper Peach Radio. A high school student, he is active in the Student Government Association and President of his class. Very popular, kind, and socially minded,  Baiden has always been active in community projects and purposes.  This started as a Cub Scout in first grade and has progressed to him working on his Eagle Scout badge.  Baiden has put veterans and community first in his journey to attain this goal. He is an avid airplane flyer and achieving his pilot’s license is one of his foremost accomplishments.  Dedicated to friends and family, Baiden is a joy to all who meet him.

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